Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Next Step

So...I have been debating how to say do I put my heart into words?
Moving on with my 'brave girl' life, things have been going crazy. I love making cupcakes for all of you. It has been an amazing challenge. It has been incredibly fun being creative. What I have come to over the last couple weeks, is the fact that I have been all consumed with cupcakes. I have been staying up till 2, 3 in the am, or getting up at 4 so you can have the best quality and freshest cupcakes possible. This little brave girl is exhausted! But it's worth it...or is it?
So I received a letter in the mail from Sawyer's future elementary school inviting us to his kindergarten roundup. Done. Enough said. Wow! I knew this was coming but I didn't realize how it was going to hit me. With me being 'all consumed' I'm missing out on being present in my everyday life. Cupcakes can wait, Sawyer will not...Annabelle will not, they keep getting older (funny thing). Even though I love cupcakes, this brave girl is going to be the best mommy I can. I need to be present mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and much much more.
So what does this mean?
Moving forward cupcakes will sit on the back burner. This does not undo the great transformation that has taken place inside of me. This only made me stronger. I am so thankful for all your support and friendship. Who knows what will happen when they go to school in the fall. I am trusting God to show me the right path.

I was so fortunate to have this photo shoot with a few of my cupcakes (before I made this crazy decision). My amazingly talented friend Katie Richardson from Puj took these in her studio. Thank you Katie!