Tuesday, February 14, 2012

here and there

I've been in cup-cakin' mood lately...

Happy Valentine's Day! These are dark chocolate cupcakes w/dark chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream with a homemade sugar cookie dipped in chocolate on the top. These were made for a dear friend from church.

These aren't technically cupcakes, my interpretation of Mounds and Almond Joys. Using brownies, coconut deliciousness, and topped with dark chocolate ganache...oh, and some had an almond too. I made these for a recipe group I'm in.

Ballerina tutu cupcakes. Vanilla bean cupcakes with a pale pink buttercream, made for a friends daughters fancy ballerina birthday party.

These were fun to make. I used small doughnuts and covered them in chocolate to look like doughnuts, go figure. The kids in Annabelle's class loved these. And they were so easy!

My husband decided to have a mustache. I wanted him to get rid of it, everyday that is was on his face was too long. On his birthday he reluctantly shaved it off. Little did he know, he was getting some mustaches to share with friends, purple, of course.

These were a big hit. I've made them so many times. They are a pumpkin cupcake with a ginger snap cookie crust and a cream cheese frosting. Mmm...

This is my dabbling...here and there. I still love it.

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