Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bella Berkeley at the Barn

I got a call about a week and half ago from Joe at Barn House, yeah BARN HOUSE! They wanted cupcakes for their sale at the Barn last weekend. Um...YEAH!!! Did I have an option? Um...NO! Please check them out, they are the best of the best at what they do. It was incredible! It was an honor. I can't even begin to tell you.

I know it sounds crazy but this event was life changing for me.
Life changing.
I found the 'brave girl' inside of me.
The way I have lived my life for the last 32 years was not how God intended it.
I have been afraid.
Self conscious.
Unwilling to risk.
But the 'brave girl' is coming out.
I was honored to chat with Lara Blair about life, taking risks, taking new adventures, when I noticed her cool bracelet that said 'brave girl' on it. She explained it to me real quick but as she walked away and days later, it hasn't left me.
I have changed my thinking.
I am now walking brave.
I will begin to risk.
I will act with an unshakable God-confidence.
I want to live my next 32+ years making up for lost time...

Thank you Joe and Jermonne, you have no idea what you just did! Ha ha!
And Lara, you are a treasure.


  1. Wow your cupcakes look amazing!! I hopped on over from the barn house marketplace and found your mouthwatering blog. Do you ship? I wish you the very best with you adventure. I have become a follower of your blog. Wishing you great happiness and success--try to relax, breathe, and enjoy your ride.

  2. Great post Kelly!!! Im glad you found your "brave girl". Dont ever let her go! love you...................

  3. I'm drooling!!!! Awesome, amazing, adorable cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!
    Any chance of you opening a shop in DC? : )

    Glad I found your blog.

  4. The Brave Girl in you is making a big and glorious splash on this world! Keep going Kelly, your enthusiasm, love for life and God is contagious!!!

  5. Aw Kelly, you are just so great! You're display looked gorgeous and cupcakes were AMAZING! I ate way too many... so glad I got to try them :)

  6. Finding my "Brave Girl" right along with you...Kismet has brought me here to read your words. Thanks for the pep talk from miles away stranger! ;)