Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make it up as you go...

Yet another great day of cupcakering. That's a real word, right? Today started with a frantic (yes, Barry, frantic) call from a dad who needed cupcakes for his daughter to bring to her school for her birthday. By 9am they were complete and my daughter was on time for school, my son however was a few minutes late...this was probably not a wise choice for me to take this on so early on a school day.

But they were pleased with the results.

I was also asked to make 'Spiderman' cupcakes for a chocolate lover. I hope he likes them. I just got through making them tonight, or should I say, this morning.

As is got later, my creative juices kept flowing...these are Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate coconut ganache and a toasted coconut cream cheese frosting with an almond kiss on top.

Then these...chocolate chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting with yummy Eastery (this is a real word too, I'm sure of it) chocolate candy coated cuteness on top.

And lastly these crazy things! Holy cow! They are sloppy, messy, goodness wrapped into a mini cupcake from heaven! Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate peanut butter ganache. But hey why stop there? Topped with a giant glob of delicious chocolate peanut butter ganache and to finish it off chopped up peanut butter cups mashed on top! This is serious!

Now...the giant pile of laundry needs to be attended too! You know, priorities.
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  1. These are amazing looking! The last one... be still my heart, YUM! :)

  2. What a stand out job you did at Barn House today honey!!!! Yer Mama loves ya!!! And im so proud!!:)